Don’t Forget the Hummingbirds!

Alright so here’s the deal: Hummingbirds are a pretty darn important bird and many species are currently endangered! We rely on these birds to disperse pollen and seeds so plants can thrive! Without them, many flowering species would die out.

But have no fear: YOU CAN HELP.

Currently hummingbirds have migrated to North America until the cold weather starts back up in the fall and they could definitely benefit from a feeder supplying them with sweet nectar needed for all of that energy they use!

Step 1: PURCHASE A HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER. Today I purchased two Hummingbird feeders and have already seen several drinking the sweet nectar.

I bought this one and it’s GREAT. Plus, super fast shipping from Amazon!: First Nature 3051 Hummingbird Feeder, 16-Ounce

Step 2: MAKE NECTAR. Please please please do not buy red Hummingbird feed from the store. The red dye is NOT healthy for the birds. You can easily make your own and here is how:

-For every 4 cups of water, add 1 cup of sugar.

-Simply heat the water on the stove enough so the sugar will dissolve, add the sugar and stir! Let the mixture sit until cool and then fill up your feeder! You can store the extra nectar in the fridge. I currently have an old milk jug labeled “Hummingbird Feed” in my fridge so I can easily refill the feeders!

Step 3: Watch the cute little birds come to your feeder!

Hummingbirds are amazing little animals that flap their wings up to 80 times a second. Basically, no one understands how they can do what they do. So let’s keep these guys around for as long as we can! Let’s not forget about the Hummingbirds! Share and spread the love.




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