Three Perks of Getting Outside

Hi hey there hello. Alison here. I grew up in love with the outdoors but it wasn’t until later that I realized just how positive of an impact being outside made on my life!

1. Energy

There is something about walking in the woods or on a trail surrounded by so many living plants and streams that make you even feel more alive. After a hike I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on life. When you spend an extended amount of time in the woods something about you just begins to feel more in sync. It’s like getting back to your roots.

2. Reduces Anxiety

My senior year of high school I began to experience anxiety. Whenever I felt panicky or stressed my immediate reaction would be to go outside. Even if it was just a walk around my neighborhood. Anything helps.

3. Wellness

Going on a hike, walk, or run outside does wonders. Take advantage of the outdoor places near you to do these things! And not to mention, when you do start taking on this outdoor-active-lifestyle you become inspired to live healthier. Whether that’s eating lots of fruits & vegetables or just paying more attention to what you put in your body.

And those were my three little points of inspiration for you to take in.

Keep it wild,



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