My Dog: The Best Hiking Partner

In November of 2015 I brought home the cutest Golden Retriever in the world and named him Koa. I chose a Golden because I knew they were great family dogs, loved water, and would be a perfect friend to have with me on the trail!

 I believe all dogs deserve a good hike every once in a while. It allows them channel their inner wolf instincts from which they came from! Nothing beats seeing your pup run around around the trail having the time of his life!

Koa is now nearing two years old and he’s my favorite hiking/adventure partner. He’s been to the Grand Canyon and even spent a summer with me in Santa Cruz, CA! We roadtrip together and spend most of our time outside.

Side note: When on the trail make sure you pack a portable water bowl for your pup and maybe a snack or two! And if you have a long haired dog like my Koa then a towel will be extremely helpful to have before he/she has to jump in your car!

So here is me asking you to take your pup on a hike and enjoy nature together. It’s the best gift you can give to your best friend!!